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Sustainable Agriculture Land Management


07/15 - 12/15


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The project is the next phase of a two years support to the communities from the same partner. In the previous project a sea embankment was constructed to stop sea intrusion. Another aim was to save the lives and livelihoods of the affected communities from sea intrusion. As a next phase of the previous project; this project will be implemented in 40 villages located in 4 union councils of district Badin, Sindh Province. 8400 beneficiaries (30% female and 70% male) will be targeted from 4 coastal union councils. The beneficiaries belong to agro-fishing communities and are the most vulnerable to climate change induced disasters that have been taking place in the area intermittently. The project will support the communities to adapt climate smart agriculture practices which are relevant, and will improve their capacities to practice sustainable land management practices to avoid agriculture and harvest losses. While contributing to sustainable development goals; the project as a case study will be used for influencing agenda for pro-poor policy development and provision of resources at the local level.

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