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Thailand UP Country support


11/17 - 11/18


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Oxfam in Thailand has been working with partners at the local and national level to build an enabling environment for sustainable agricultural production of food and income security (including land reform, forest and coastal resources management and climate change adaptation) since 2001. The Behind the Barcode work in Thailand is focusing on the Seafood Supply chain. The journey in Thailand will cover both offline and online events. For the offline activities, main events are the Fisherfolk in Bangkok, Seafood Event, Scorecard and Launch with the aim to create sustainable and ethical food supply chains, and enable consumers to be part of this change. The planned activities entail: People Behind our Seafood: Fisherfolk in Bangkok. Event to promote sustainable fisheries; Website development; Scorecard development and national Launch; Online content and promotion for 'Dear Supermarket'; Introduction vide; Seafoodonline documentary series; Offline products for visibility (i.e, T-shirts, notebooks, shopping bags, stickers); Content and graphicdevelopment for website and digital media to support supporter journey. In addition to these campaign activities, the project will also allow to provide support in terms of human resources to the team in Thailand.

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