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Community / Land projects / Transitional Programme of Post Conflict Reconstruction (PTRPC)

Transitional Programme of Post Conflict Reconstruction (PTRPC)


12/05 - 12/13


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The programme aim was to regenerate the livelihoods of the rural environment, rebuild social capital including the rehabilitation of human dignity and restore food security among 74,000 poor and vulnerable households in the provinces of Bujumbura Rural and Bururi in the west and Ruyigi in the east. It worked to restructure farm production through donation of cattle and through the building of plant nurseries. It will support various training projects focusing on community development, legal issues, HIV/Aids and literacy. Legal support has been offered to women and vulnerable groups who have been subjected to violence during the conflict. supported the rehabilitation of 480 hectares of reclaimed swamp and the recovery and development of 1850 ha of additional marsh. Land and natural resource governance related activities provided legal support and regeneration of livelihoods of poor rural women; support for local governance; legal assistance including training of members of the rural community about their rights and duties as citizens, and legal assistance and legal representation.