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Community / Land projects / Under priority (2): improve shelter living conditions for IDPs and returnees through provision of cash for ren

Under priority (2): improve shelter living conditions for IDPs and returnees through provision of cash for ren


10/22 - 11/23


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The proposed interventions will contribute to promoting IDPs dignity, host communities and improve living conditions of affected targeted groups to meet commonly acceptable humanitarian principles through the provision of cash for rental subsidies to 300 displaced households and host communities living in rented houses under risk of eviction due to their the inabilities to meet the rental charges in Ibb city,. Priority will be given for women/children headed households, elderly people, people with physical or mental disabilities, people with special needs, and people with multiple vulnerabilities. The cash transfer will conduct through a money transfer agency for 6 months after conducting market assessment by AOBWC to select the agency who have good access and experience in CTP programs in the targeted areas, Under long-term/transitional shelters solutions, AOBWC will provide returnees with conditional cash to rehabilitate their damaged houses and improve their tenure security the project will support 50 households of returned people through multi cash payments for rehabilitation houses which have been partially damaged due to the conflict in Al Mudhaffar district Taizz city, as well as the construction of 93 transitional shelters for IDPs living in substandard or emergency shelters within hosting sites in Ash Shamayatayn district, priority will be given for affected people with multiple vulnerabilities based on detail needs assessment and verifications by AOBWC team. The project team will conduct house-to-house technical needs assessment to develop BoQs per house then provide the cash to implement rehabilitation works under AOBWC technical engineer’s supervision with highly participation of targeted groups., also transitional shelter BoQs will be created at the start of project implementation to construct 93 transitional shelters through service provider in highly participation of targeted groups under AOBWC technical engineer’s supervision in line with shelter cluster guidance. AOBWC is a women lead organization mainly targeting women/girls with disabilities, it is has a good experience in Shelter/ SNFIs especially with YHF funds along five years ago through conducting of three Shelter/CCCM projects under YHF. AOBWC has sub -offices and ongoing presence in Taizz and Ibb governorate through two YHF shelter/NFIs and CCCM projects during 2022 and by other funds under protection and FSL. Under (P2) , AOBWC has carried out shelter need assessment in Ibb district, Ibb gov and Al Shamayteen and Al Mudhafer districts within Taiz gov showed facts of lack of access to services for the most vulnerable IDPs , Returns and HCs also as a result of the conflict in Yemen since 2015 leaded to the huge needs of basic life-saving in shelter interventions where this project will result into that the targeted most vulnerable beneficiaries of IDPs, Returnees and HCs to outcomes that improve their dignified access to shelter interventions through provide life-saving shelter solutions to 443 households, 3103 individuals (898 Men , 591 Women, 559 boys, 1055 girls) of the most vulnerable IDPs, host communities at risk of eviction and returnees including people with disabilities and people with special needs in Ibb and Taizz governorates. The project is aligned with YHF’s first standards allocations - 2022 strategy to achieve shelter/NFIs cluster objectives and activities.

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