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Wildlife Without Borders-Western Hemisphere


02/13 - 03/14


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The long term conservation of the ecosystems in Mexico will only be achieved through the active participation and involvement of owners and users around them. In 2012, Terra began working with indigenous communities, ejido (community owned and operated lands) and private land owners to identify conservation priority areas and create an integrated community management plan within the Arroyo Guadalupe watershed. In 2013, Terra in collaboration with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, the Secretariat of Environmental Protection of the State of Baja California, the Institute for Research and Land Use Planning of the municipality of Ensenada, and the support of the local communities will expand its work to the San Simon watershed, the last pristine bay of the northern hemisphere. Through this project the Grantee will: 1) implement 21 workshops for 180 land owners on integrated community management techniques (zoning, design and implementation of management plans for private natural protected areas, payment for environmental services, and water funds ) that promote the conservation of natural resources while contributing to their welfare and economic development; 2) identify areas of conservation and restoration priority; and 3) design water funds programs for future implementation in the Arroyo Guadalupe and San Simon watersheds. Project products include the editing and distribution of four training manuals on the topics mentioned before.