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Community / Land projects / XG OI SIDA II - Activity Budget 2022-23

XG OI SIDA II - Activity Budget 2022-23


01/22 - 12/23


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This OPA is part of the Sida2GROW project and will contribute to campaign and advocacy objectives of Oxfam, that include food systems, land rights and climate justice. The OPA will contribute to achieving Oxfam Global Strategic Framework goals (a) Just Economies and (b) Climate Justice. Activities mentioned in this OPA are consistent and will deliver against the Sida2GROW 2022 Operational Plan, and the agreed 2022 Global Activity Budget. Activities contributes to Pathway 1 andPathway 3. More specifically: •Pathway 1: Smallholder farmers and workers continue to face systemic discrimination and abuse in food value chains, despite their enormous paid and unpaid contributions. In 2022 the BtBP Campaign will focus on key areas of work that will help us wrap up the global public campaigning focus, help us hold our campaign targets accountable to their commitments made in the course of the campaign and lay the ground work and build to the next important campaign for equality in the globalfood system.•Pathway 3: Our climate work will continue to advocate for bold climate action that responds to the needs and realitiesof communities that are most vulnerable to climate change, with advocacy work strengthened by a renewed focus in 2022 on public engagement and public mobilisation. The overall goal for the BTBP campaign this year, which is to:1.Bring the public campaigning phase of Behind the Barcodes/Price to a close, by showcasing the overall work of the campaign and sharing with the publics we have mobilised over the years what change their contributions have made. This will be through case studies and summarising the wins of the campaign, to show that public campaigning works and has a really big impact. This moment will also be used to reveal to supermarkets where they have moved on Oxfam's scorecard and show them the gaps that still exist and where they need to keep making changes. It will be the start of the public monitoring of their commitments they have made through the campaign. Therefore, this is the time we shift into the implementation phase of the campaign.2.Forward planning, through research, reflection and planning what is next in food system campaigning work. Given the contexts we are facing with pandemics, unrest and the climate crisis continuing, we will work with allies to establish the next meaningful intervention we canmake together, to address the inequality in the food system.

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