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01/14 - 12/14


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ZAM Chronicle (online) is a journalists project of especially investigative journalists. It is a monthly selection of the best African investigative journalism. The stories are fundamental and consistently discuss global issues. These are not just stories about Africa, they touch a deeper essence of what is really going on in Africa written by African investigative journalists themselves. This way, ZAM fills in an information gap in western media (reality as seen in Africa from the African perspective) in order to create a public opinion and to promote awareness about these global issues. Examples: Child soldiers, food aid industry, fair trade, land reform, trafficking of people, female genital mutilation, corruption, terrorism , multinationals and taxes, trading of arms. These are global issues Dutch citizens are concerned about. In each article, the African investigative journalist shines a new light and sometimes reveals a new truth. ZAM Chronicle has a growing, widely spread network of readers in academic circles (Erasmus Universiteit,Afrikaans Studiecentrum, Onderzoekscentrum Zuid Afrika), in the media (such as Volkskrant , Uganda Server , Italian , Swiss and UK newspapers , One World NL) and in civil society (Linkedin network Peace and Conflict East African School of Human Rights , South African watchdog open secrets). Objectives: •Develop an influential platform for debate on North-South, both worldwide and in the Netherlands. •Establish a platform for Dutch (European) and African citizens to get in touch with each other and show solidarity. • Develop a quality network of African investigative journalism Results: •At least 5 presentations at institutions in the Netherlands •100 inputs in media platforms (online and offline) in the West and in Africa •300 subscribers to ZAM CHRONICLE •30 visitors of life ZAM events every Monday •World wide Skype presentations, f.e. during conferences for investigative journalism in Africa • Interaction between Dutch media and African investigative journalists •Interaction between Dutch civil society, policy makers and African investigative journalists •Assessment of the impact of the written articles on the public (survey results) •Understanding how ZAM identifies qualitative research journalists in Africa The lessons learned will be used for further program development with African, global and Dutch partners.

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