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Community / Land projects / Zana e maleve - Young people and the territory: the local community towards the european family.

Zana e maleve - Young people and the territory: the local community towards the european family.


03/18 - 03/23


This project is part of


Project started in April 2018.
General objective: Contribute to the promotion of a sustainable and inclusive socio-economic model in Northern Albania and support the country integration in the EU.
Specific objective: To consolidate and extend economic activities and strengthen the role of the community in Malesi e Madhe for the protection and promotion of their own territorial heritage.
The expected results of the project are:
R1: Employment opportunities, especially for young people, diversified and extended through the support to family-run businesses and agro-tourism services.
R2: Level of empowerment of local communities strengthened by initiating forms of community involvement in the management of services and by institutionalizing the figure of the Local Development Agent.
R3: Registration program of land property initiated in the target area and replicable good practices in other areas with same difficulties tested.
Direct beneficiaries of the project are 50 young families present in the area, 300 small entrepreneurs and subjects directly involved in production activities and in the agro-tourism and tourism sector, 2,000 families receiving primary services, 360 owners of land participating to the pilot program of land registration.
During the first year the project carried out the following main activities:
i) launch of the Incubator of typical products of Rec
ii) launching training courses for young people in the area
iii) start of training on Local Development Agents
iv) Community activities preliminary to the creation of the LAG.
Third year of implementation according to approved operational plan.