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January 2023

Societal Impact Statement: Increasing crop productivity is often proposed as a key goal for meeting the food security demands of a growing global population. However, achieving high crop yields alone without meeting end-use quality requirements is counter to this objective and can lead to negative environmental and sustainability issues.

January 2023

Partnerships are widely applied to improve smallholder inclusivity in the value chain. The results are not always as expected. This study was conducted to analyze the factors influencing smallholder inclusivity. Oil palm smallholders were chosen, considering that palm oil is the largest agribusiness in Indonesia, and more than 40% of the total land area belongs to smallholders.

January 2023

Biofortified beans are being promoted in Burundi to solve malnutrition issues among rural households. The study was conducted in Muyinga and Gasorwe communes, where biofortified bean varieties were disseminated. This study aims to understand gender roles and practices in households and farms and how these roles and practices influence participation and uptake of biofortified beans.

January 2023

Banana Xanthomonas wilt (BXW) is a major threat to banana production in Rwanda, causing up to 100% yield loss. There are no biological or chemical control measures, and little is known about the potential direction and magnitude of its spread; hence, cultural control efforts are reactive rather than proactive.

January 2022

Among smallholder maize farmers in Ethiopia (and similar areas in Africa), yield and stress tolerance traits in maize varieties are important. While high yields remain a major objective, breeding and seed system development programs are increasingly based on the recognition that farmers also have an interest in other agronomic and consumption traits.

Journal Articles & Books
July 2021

As global temperatures continue to increase and human activities continue to expand, many countries and regions are witnessing the consequences of global climate change. Mongolia, a nomadic and picturesque landlocked country, has battled with ongoing desertification, recurring droughts, and increasingly frequent sandstorms in recent decades.

STATISTIK INDONESIA 2019 Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2019
Institutional & promotional materials
December 2019

Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2019 is an annual publication presenting various data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia and other agencies. The publication provides general pictures of geographic and climate conditions, government, as well as key socio-demographic and economic characteristics of Indonesia.

Peer-reviewed publication
May 2019

Peatland plays an important ecological and economic role in many countries all over the world. At the same time, due to various human and non-human interventions, peatland is also a fragile ecosystem, which is currently facing severe problems, such as deforestation, fires, and peat subsidence. Peat subsidence is currently one of the most severe but least recognized issues.

May 2019

ILC officially launches this Land Inequality Framing Document;the first of a series of papers from the Land Inequality Research Initiative. Research by ILC member Oxfam and others shows that extreme inequality is rising in most regions. Worldwide around 84% of farms share 12% of the total agricultural land area;while just 16% of farms control the remaining 88%.

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