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Manuals & Guidelines
June 2021

Ce rapport de synthèse fournit un aperçu de haut niveau des principaux thèmes abordés dans les Lignes directrices sur l’atténuation des impacts des projets d’énergie solaire et éolienne sur la biodiversi-té, publiées en 2021.

Journal Articles & Books
March 2021

UNDP's "Peoples' Climate Vote" reflects over half the world's population after results processed by the University of Oxford. Sixty-four percent of people believe climate change is a global emergency, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021

Peatlands are the “kidneys” of river basins. However, intensification of agriculture and forestry in Europe has resulted in the degradation of peatlands and their biodiversity (i.e., species, habitats and processes in ecosystems), thus impairing water retention, nutrient filtration, and carbon capture.

Peer-reviewed publication
January 2021
United States of America

Protection of the grassland’s ecological environment and improvement of people’s livelihoods are major tasks for the management of pastoral areas in Inner Mongolia. The comprehensive program for grassland conservation in China, the Subsidy and Incentive System for Grassland Conservation (SISGC), was launched in 2011.

Manuals & Guidelines
January 2021
Eastern Africa
Southern Africa
État des aires protégées et de conservation d’Afrique orientale et australe est le premier rapport regroupant des informations sur les aires protégées et de conservation dans l’ensemble de la région d’Afrique de l’Est et du Sud.
Peer-reviewed publication
September 2020

As central policies for biodiversity conservation in agricultural landscapes in the European Union (EU), the Habitats Directive and Agri-environmental programmes (AEP) have largely failed to halt biodiversity loss. In response, the German federal state of Saxony combined the instrument of management plans with AEPs to support the implementation of the Habitat Directive.

Reports & Research
April 2020

Constituyendo únicamente el 5% de la población del mundo, los Pue- blos Indígenas protegen el 80% de la biodiversidad del planeta.1 Glo- balmente, muchos de los bosques que aún alberga nuestro hogar

Policy Papers & Briefs
July 2019

Cameroon’s current land law appears to have two conflicting objectives: to attract investors through large-scale land concessions while simultaneously protecting biodiversity, defending local people’s rights and promoting rural development. But the legislation governing large-scale land-based investments is outdated and sometimes incoherent.

Peer-reviewed publication
May 2019

We examined the preferences for wetland conservation among urban and rural dwellers in Malaysia. A choice experiment using face-to-face interviews with urban and rural households was employed. Wetland conservation alternatives were described in terms of environmental protection zones, biodiversity protection, recreational services and flood.

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