Historical perspectives on the future land uses of tsunami-affected areasThe case study of Hanagama District, Yamamoto, Miyagi | Land Portal

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November 2016
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This study focuses on land use in the tsunami inundation area caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, particularly land use history in the tsunami-affected area. Hanagama District, Yamamoto City, Miyagi prefecture, was selected as the study area. Land use were examined using aerial photographs taken in 1975, 2010 and 2013. Relationships between land use change and the disaster hazard areas, natural land conditions were analyzed with GIS. As a result of land use analysis, in 1975, land use base on natural land conditions (Residences, Dry fields and Forests-Beach ridge, Paddy fields-Back swamp) were consisted. These land uses were greatly changed by urbanization and tsunami damage.

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Kurita, H., Institute of Rural Engineering, NARO (Japan)
Tsuchiya, K.
Kikuchi, Y.

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