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March 2016
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The purpose of this study is to clarify the method to know key issues which green infrastructure can help to improve and targeting score for the priorities by small areas of the city in Liverpool Green Infrastructure Strategy. As a result, the planning process is divided into three steps as follows. Step 1 identifies the strategic priorities for the city. In this step, the priorities are decided based on the evidences and several meetings with stakeholders from across the city. Step 2 focuses data gathering and data mapping. In this step, existing green infrastructure types and functions are identified and the needs of green infrastructure are evaluated. Step 3 identifies actions and issues at the level of small areas of the city. This step develops possible actions based on green infrastructure solution for the priorities. And number of issues is specified across Middle Layer Super Output Areas of national statistics through using existing other statistics data and all kinds of survey data. Furthermore, the targeting scores by neighborhood management area, ward, and other strategic area are calculated quantitatively. This study examined the method of green infrastructure planning for small areas and discussed preliminarily the significance and problems of this method.

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Kinoshita, T.
Hashimoto, K.
Ye, K.

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