Artisanal Mining Operations and its Economic Values, Ethiopia | Land Portal

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December 2015
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A situational analysis on artisan mining was conducted in five Regional States
of Ethiopia, namely Oromia, Tigray, SNNP, Benishangul-Gumuz (BGR) and
Amhara as part of the EEITI process. The general objective of the study
is to analyze various aspects of artisan mining operations in Ethiopia, its economic
value, social contribution and social impacts. In addition, the assessment includes as
to what process could be undertaken to integrate artisan mining information into
EITI reports and EITI processes.
A value chain framework was employed to collect and analyse Quantitative and
Qualitative data. Key informant interviews, focused group discussions and direct
observations of mining areas were extensively carried out during the data collection
process. Discussions were also made with experts and officials of stakeholders
in all relevant institutions. Secondary data were collected to complement the
information for key institutions and stakeholders. Gold and gemstone are the focus
of the study in the selected major artisan mining woredas (districts) of the country

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