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EU Transversal support to country implementation - Colombia

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December 2019
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n 2012, the National Government signed the Agreement for prosperity (Acuerdo para la Prosperidad No. 79), which seeks the conservation and sustainable use of the natural and cultural heritage of the country and aimed to create a space for dialogue between governmental institutions and the peasant delegations. This aiming to face the numerous socio-environmental challenges in Natural Parks and surrounding areas of protected areas. On the one hand, there is the transformation of the protected areas. On the other hand, more than 90 percent of the municipalities inside the National Parks have engage in the peacebuilding process and where the territories were historically the peasant economies were associated with illegal activities on the use of lands (including illicit crops).


The EULGP CI aims to increase responsible governance in national protected areas and their areas of influence to reduce conflicts related to land tenure and use, and to promote the incorporation of the VGGT with local communities living in protected areas and their areas of influence.

*EULGP CI stands for European Union Land Governance Programme – Country Implementation

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