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June 2021
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About the workshop

On 28th June from 2pm - 5pm CEST the LandPortal and LandVoc Community of Experts hosted a workshop as part of the 4th AGROVOC Annual Editorial Meeting to support shared learning and dialogue on the development, promotion and adoption of AGROVOC sub-schemes. 

Over recent years, a number of projects, including LandVoc, have explored ways to provide and promote structured vocabularies for use by particular thematic communities, while also contributing to and working in partnership with the AGROVOC thesaurus coordinated by FAO. This has led to the development of AGROVOC sub-schemes, each with their own stakeholder groups, selected concepts and terms, and, in some cases, hierarchies. Through presentations and interactive break-out discussions, this workshop explored: 


  • Consultation and engagement in (sub-)vocabulary development - looking at approaches and tools for gaining broad community input in shaping vocabulary terms, hierarchies, relationships and translations, including sharing a recent LandVoc development and consultations.

  • Communication strategies to improve awareness of vocabularies and their use - including learning from the LandVoc communications campaign, and discussions of how to communicate the connection between AGROVOC sub-vocabularies and AGROVOC.

  • Supporting (sub-)vocabulary use - exploring approaches and tools that can facilitate use of sub-vocabularies by different stakeholders.

  • Measuring use and impact - addressing possible metrics for (sub-)vocabulary uptake, approaches to measure use, and ways of gathering impact stories, with an emphasis on securing ongoing support for (sub-)vocabulary development. 

The presentation from the workshop is available for download.

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