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Library Forging Resilient Pathways

Forging Resilient Pathways

Forging Resilient Pathways

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August 2023
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This report presents the first global analysis of funding pathways in support of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ (IPs' & LCs') tenure and forest guardianship, a project spurred by the IP & LC Forest Tenure Pledge made by 22 donors in 2021. This study, commissioned by the Ford Foundation, aims to provide practical guidance and strategic insights for Pledge donors to incorporate in the remaining years of implementation.

This project’s main objectives are to generate:

a. Practical guidance on where donors should consider channeling funds to best advance IP & LC tenure and forest guardianship, considering relevance, coherence, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of available funding pathways.

b. Strategic insights regarding opportunities, barriers, and areas needing improvement to strengthen the funding landscapes for this agenda.

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