Ordinance No. 874-r of 1994 of the mayor-president of the government of St. Petersburg regarding regulation of land tenure of physical persons. | Land Portal

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The Mayor-President of the Government of St.Petersburg, for the purpose of ensuring the right of citizens to allotment on condition of ownership of the plots of land for individual housing, gardening and summer cottage construction orders as follows : 1). Chiefs of district administration are authorized to validate the measures and the boundaries of the plots of land with due regard for urban planning documentation at the presentation of the Committee on Land Resources and Land Survey. 2). Legalisation of the right of ownership of the plots of land or land shares must be carried out as common property or common share-holding property of the owners of constructions situated on them at the request of a single owner or the total number of owners with handing-in of the ownership certificates in accordance with the legislation currently in force. Size ceiling of a plot of land to be transferred on conditions of property to a single physical person - owner of the construction must be defined in proportion to his ownership share of the construction if other options are not envisaged by the current legislation. Size ceiling of the plot of land to be transferred free-of-charge to a single physical person must not exceed 0,12 hectares.

Implemented by: Order No. 66 of 1994 of the Committee on Land Resources and Land Survey of St. Petersburg regarding the modalities of legalization of the right of ownership of the plots of land of physical persons. (1994-10-10)
Implements: Presidential Decree No. 1767 of 1993 regarding the regulation of land relationship and the promotion of land reform in Russia. (1993-10-27)
Implements: Ordinance No. 1071-r of 1993 introducing amendments and addenda to the Ordinance No. 958-r of 29 November 1993. (1993-12-93)

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