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The Act is divided in the following parts: I, Preliminary; II, Establishment of land State Registry; III, Initial registration of Titles; IV, Registration; V, Effect of registration; VI, Instruments; VII, Transfers; VIII, Mortgages and Charges; IX, Leases; X, Easements; XI, Transmissions; XII, Caveats; XIII, writs and Orders of Court; XIV, Restrictive Covenants; XV, Statutory acquisition and Sale; XVI, Powers of Attorney; XVII, Civil Rights and Remedies;XVIII, Searches and certified Copies; XIX, Miscellaneous; Schedule Part I.Provisions are detailed on the registration of land, its tenure, lease, transfer, mortgaging; unregistered land may be registered under this Act even if subdivided;certifications and documents are exhaustively explained and detailed; land shall be registered also in the name of a minor or incapacitated person. Cadastre shall inscribe land boundaries and ownership. The Act provides also for the obligation to rights of owners and tenants, individual and not, shared or inherited.

Implemented by: Land Titles (Amendment No. 2) Rules. (2001-11-28)
Amended by: Land Titles (Amendment) Rules 2005. (2005-03-18)
Amended by: Land Titles Amendment Act (No. 25 of 2001). (2001)

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