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This Act shall facilitate the subdivision of land into strata and the collective sale of property, and provide for the issuance of subsidiary strata certificates of title. The registration of strata title applications and strata title plans are described in section 9. Part III deals with rights and obligations of subsidiary proprietors. Variation or termination of strata subdivision scheme is provided for in Part V and collective sale of property is defined in Part VA. The issue of subsidiary certificates of title for flats under other schemes and issue of subsidiary strata certificates of title are provided for in Part VIII.

Implemented by: Land Titles (Strata)(Non-Application of Section 6) Notification 2004, NO. S 187. (2004-04-07)
Implemented by: Land Titles (Strata)(Non-Application of Section 6) (No. 2) Notification 2004, NO. S 188. (2004-04-12)
Implemented by: Land Titles (Strata) Regulations 2005. (2005-03-24)
Amended by: Land Titles (Strata) Act (Amendment of Fourth Schedule) Order 2004, No. S 243. (2004-04-27)

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