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The Parties, on the basis Treaty between Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands concerning Sovereignty, Maritime and Seabed Boundaries between the two countries and co-operation on Related Matters, signed at Port Moresby on 25 January, 1989 (“the Treaty”), regulate various activities in the Border Area as defined by the Treaty and further defined in this Agreement. The principal purpose of the Parties in establishing the Border Area and determining its boundaries is to acknowledge and protect the traditional way of life and livelihood of the traditional inhabitants, including traditional fishing and free movement in accordance with the principles and procedures set out in the Treaty and this Agreement. The Agreement establishes a Joint Border Committee and defines its functions and powers. The Commission shall formulate implementation guidelines with respect to various matters covered by the Agreement including the development of natural resources especially for the benefit of the traditional inhabitants. The Agreement regulates the exercise of traditional (non-proprietary) rights of land and waters in the border area and provide for the cooperation of the Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands in the Border Area in various fields including the protection of the environment and species of indigenous fauna and flora.

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