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The Act concerns the registration of stop-orders, i.e. any written undertaking entered into by a farmer in which he or she: (a) purports to give any person, as security for debt, any right in or over his growing or future crops, or the proceeds thereof; or (b) authorizes any person to pay to a third party, in satisfaction of a debt owed by such farmer to such third party, the proceeds of his growing or future crops, or any part thereof. Any stop-order not registered in accordance with this Act shall be null and void and any registered stop-order shall have effect for such period as stated therein. Security created by a stop-order shall not be extinguished by sale or other disposition regarding the land whereon the crop is growing. Any farmer, who having executed a stop-order, sells or delivers the crop to which it relates without the written consent of the registered payee of such stop-order shall commit an offence.

Implemented by: Farmers’ Stop-Order Regulations (Cap. 63:03). (2005)
Implemented by: Appointment of Registration Officer (Cap. 63:03). (2012-12-03)

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