Law No. 4061 on the management and protection of the immovable property of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food − Regulation of property rights and other provisions. | Land Portal

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Agricultural and rural regulations in Greece are governed by a scattered legislation, making its use and application difficult. Such situation does not correspond to the modern needs, since the management of the agricultural immovable property is applied through the Rural Code which was ratified in 1949, together with certain legislative provisions on rural development during the ’70s and ’80s. Moreover, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food manages the immovable property on the basis of other laws and provisions, in particular with Law No. 3147/2003 (articles 4 and 9), as supplemented with 12 of Law No. 3208/2003 and the article 4 (paragraph 3) of Law No. 2215/1994. The terms that are currently being used for “immovable property” managed by the Ministry are many and create problems on the interpretation of the law. Specifically, the terms “communal and available extents”, “lots”, “plots” and others are being used, as these are defined in articles 31, 123 and 184 of the Rural Code, in article of 24 of Law 1644/1986 and in the Legislative Decree No. 203/1969. With the provisions of the present law is established a) the unified use of the term “immovable property”, in which are included all the above mentioned definitions, such as rural extents, parcels, plots, pasture lands, etc ; b) it is clarified that the Ministry of Rural Development and Food manages this immovable property on behalf of the Greek State; c) a unified institutional framework is applied for all the immovable property falling under the competence of the Ministry and d) the administrative actions, procedures (concession, lease, ownership rights, etc) and governing bodies for this property are defined. The law consists of 44 articles.

Implemented by: Ministerial Decree No. 1039/45100 establishing concession fees for rural immovable property. (2012-04-09)

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