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The Agricultural Sector Strategic Development Plan is a national sectoral strategy for the development of agriculture in Cambodia from 2006 to 2010. The main objective of the strategy is to contribute to the National Development Plan by setting sectoral and sub-sectoral goals and objectives, such as to ensure food security, increase income, create employment and improve nutrition status for all people by improving the productivity, diversification and commercialization of agriculture with environmentally sound protection and food safety.In the first place, the strategy addresses the improvement of food security, productivity and diversification. By presenting up-to-date statistical data it mentions major constraints for achieving food security in the country and proposes a list of activities with the purpose to ensure food security, increase food availability and access to food for everyone. It also identifies most vulnerable populations including rural small-hold farming households.The strategy also covers the issue of the productivity and sustainability of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, with a priority given to agricultural production. Community-based development of fishery sector, involvement of local communities in forest exploitation plans and participatory water management, as well as establishment of farmer development communities are also included into the strategy. One of its goals is supported by a detailed action plan for research in the fields of crop, livestock, fishery, agro-industry, forestry and rubber, and gender-sensitive extension services. It also promotes commercially viable rural financing systems.Rural poverty reduction is addressed by promoting pro-poor land reform and agriculture sensitive to the needs of women and other vulnerable groups. The strategy envisages up-scaling the national programme for poverty reduction, in particular by ensuring sustainable access to land resources by the poor rural farmers, underpinned by the budgetary allocation and relevant indicators.Moreover, the document covers the improvement of market opportunity and access to agricultural products to ensure sustainable economic growth and employment for rural farmers. It envisages further development of legislative frameworks on land, fishery and forestry reforms, improvement of collection and sharing of statistical data, as well as improving rural infrastructure for better market access.Establishment of preparedness for risk reduction and disaster management by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to improve agricultural and livestock production constitutes one of the strategic priorities, supported by the budget for the implementation of necessary measures.The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia is tasked with the implementation of the strategic plan. It also foresees wider legislative review and work on strengthening of related legal frameworks. Importantly, the strategy establishes a monitoring and evaluation framework with the indicators and provides budget estimate for the implementation of the strategy.

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