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November 2014
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This Law, consisting of 183 articles divided into 13 Chapter, prescribes rural and urban house ownership, development, management and use; house transactions; and state management of housing in Vietnam. Transactions of purchase, sale, lease or lease-purchase of commercial houses of real estate businesses and cooperatives must comply with the law on real estate business. This Law applies to organizations, households and individuals involved in urban and rural house ownership, development, management, use and transactions, and state management of housing in Vietnam. The State shall create residential land areas through approving land use master plans and plans, urban master plans, master plans on special functional zones and master plans on rural construction. The State shall promulgate mechanisms and policies on planning, land, finance, credit, research and application of science and technology, and new building materials for the renovation or reconstruction of condominiums which are severely damaged and in danger of collapse and become unsafe for users, and encourage organizations, households and individuals to participate in the development of houses for lease, lease-purchase or sale under the market mechanism.The Law is divided as follows: General Provisions (Chap. I); House Ownership (Chap. II); Housing Development (Chap. III); Policies on Social Houses (Chap. IV); Finance for Housing Development (Chap. V); Management and Use of Houses (Chap. VI); Management and Use of Condominiums (Chap. VII); Housing Transactions (Chap. VIII); Vietnam-Based House Ownership of Foreign Organizations or Individuals (Chap. IX); Housing Information System and Database (Chap. X); State Management of Housing (Chap. XI); Settlement of Housing-Related Disputes, Complaints and Denunciations and Handling of Housing-Related Violations (Chap. XII); Implementation Provisions (Chap. XIII).

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