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February 2017
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This Law, consisting of 33 sections divided into seven Chapters, establishes the Punjab Land Records Authority to reform and modernize the system of land records, to improve the land records service delivery; to contribute to long lasting tenure security; and, to deal with ancillary matters. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned Authority, entitled to: acquire and hold property, (both movable and immovable) establish regional offices at such other place or places in the Punjab as it deems appropriate. The Authority shall: (a) frame policies for implementing this Act; (b) manage, update and maintain land records; (c) formulate strategies, policies and plans for the management of land records; (d) provide efficient and prompt services to the public; (e) develop a human resource management system for effective discharge of the functions under the Act; (f) advise the Government on matters relating to improvement and modernization of land records management; (g) manage technical cooperation and coordination with other Government departments, including foreign organizations and international inter-governmental organizations, on its own or on behalf of the Government.The Act is divided as follows: Preliminary (Chap. I); Punjab Land Records Authority (Chap. II); Administration of Authority (Chap. III); Land Records and Arazi Record Centres (Chap. IV); Appeal, Review and Revision (Chap. V); Financial Provisions (Chap. VI); and Miscellaneous (Chap. VII).

Repeals: Punjab Land Records Authority Ordinance 2016 (No. XVIII). (2016-11-11)

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