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July 1992
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This Act provides with respect to the management and conservation of forest resources in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It also provides for the protection of water resources present in forest areas and lease of forest land. The 58 sections of the Act are divided into ten Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Forest Reserves (III); Co-operative Forests (IV); Conservation Areas (V); Forestry Development Fund (VI); Crown Land Fire Prevention And Control (VII); Licences and Permits (VIII); Powers of Officers (IX); Miscellaneous (X).There shall be a Forestry Department administered by the Director of Forestry, who shall also be responsible for the enforcement of provisions of this Act. Functions of the Director are listed in detail. The Director of Forestry shall prepare and submit to the Minister, for the approval of Cabinet at intervals not exceeding ten years, a national Forest Resource Conservation Plan which shall cover the next ten-year period. The areas listed in the Schedule are declared to be forest reserves for the purposes of this Act. The Minister may declare other forest reserves for purposes of (a) the sustained production of timber and water; (b) the conservation of soils; (c) Public recreation; (d) the preservation of flora and fauna. The Minister may also declare protected areas within a forest reserve and shall prepare a forest management plan for each forest reserve.The Minister may enter into agreements with owners of private land to declare such land a co-operative forest for a term of years for any or all of the following purposes - (a) managing, maintaining and utilizing a forest plantation or natural forest for the production of timber and other forest produce; (b) soil and water conservation; (c) plant and wildlife conservation; (d) public recreation. The Director of Forestry may provide assistance in forestry to the extent practicable, including forest planning, thinning, charcoal production, harvesting and sale of timber and other forest produce. The Minister may also declare any crown or private land to be conservation area if the area requires the implementation of conservation practice and management controls to prevent water and soil pollution, erosion, to maintain the quality of water and soil in a productive state for agricultural development, etc. The Minister may, by Order published in the Gazette, adopt in respect of a proposed conservation area such interim measures as may be necessary in order to protect the area, including prohibiting all agricultural activities, construction, land clearing, timber harvesting and other development in the area. The Minister may appoint by instrument in writing a local conservation council for the whole or any part of a conservation area. Conservation plans may be prepared and a conservation fund be established for each conservation area. There shall also be established a general Forestry Development Fund.

Repeals: Forests Ordinance (No. 25 of 1945). (1945-12-31)

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