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January 2016
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The EAD Strategic Plan is a nation-wide document aiming at preserving and protecting the environment, promoting the health and well-being of local communities, while stimulating and mapping sustainable economic growth for the next five years. It defines a long-term Vision - A Sustainable Environment for a Sustainable Future - and Mission - To protect and conserve the environment for people’s well-being and a better life for all-, 5-year priorities, objectives, as well as the strategic initiatives. It further defines how to monitor and report the strategic performance both internally, as well as with external stakeholders.Main objectives of the Plan are (i) protect water, air and land; (ii) conserve and protect biodiversity; (iii) provide sound environmental information and promote shared responsibility; (iv) ensure effective policy and regulation for the environment; and (v) position EAD as an organization of excellence and a leader in environmental sustainability. For each of these objectives are indicated priorities on which the EAD will focus the attention and for which it indicates a series of desired environmental outcomes.To make agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable, the EAD shall work for (i) conserve groundwater and actively contribute to integrated water management (across groundwater, desalinated and recycled water types); (ii) reduce soil salinity on irrigated agricultural lands; (iii) ensure sustainable and integrated approaches to protecting land and soil; (iv) reduce the volume of groundwater used annually in agriculture; (v) increase the use of recycled water for appropriate purposes; (vi) manage Abu Dhabi forests and ensure their long- term viability and sustainability; (vii) effectively manage and maintain terrestrial and marine protected areas; (viii) strengthen forestry policy and regulatory framework through scientifically sound information; (ix) reduce the volume of water used annually in forestry; (x) sustainably manage fisheries and aquaculture, also building awareness and knowledge; (xi) protect quality of marine water to preserve ecosystems and public health; (xii) recover to international standards of sustainability the overall fishery of Abu Dhabi; and (xiii) protect the coastal marine environment from over-enrichment with nutrients.In order to increase the resilience of livelihoods to disasters, main actions are directed to (i) mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts; (ii) minimize impact of climate change on vulnerable species; (iii) reduce carbon emissions per capita; (iv) limit GHG emissions; and (v) ensure integrated management of waste, also supporting education on waste reduction, reuse and recycling, and improve management and treatment of hazardous waste before reuse or disposal.As for the Governance, the EAD aims at establishing itself as a local and global ambassador for environmental sustainability. To reach this goal it must first of all operate within the Emirate (i) strengthening the Abu Dhabi environmental policy and planning framework; (ii) enhancing emergency preparedness and effectively respond to environmental emergencies and crises; and (iii) build an effective and best-in-class legislative and regulatory framework for the environment, including improvement in related permitting and compliance.

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