Migration And Land Tenure Changes In The Central Cotton Basin Of Côte D'Ivoire | Land Portal

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January 2023
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Migration dynamics have always been at the heart of Ivorian agricultural development. From the colonial era to the present day, the areas of departure have remained virtually unchanged, but the areas of arrival have been modified. The objective of this study is to show the impacts of the dynamics of Senufo cotton migrations on access to land in the central Ivorian cotton basin. After a survey conducted in 23 villages in the sub-prefectures of Tiéningboué and Marandallah, it emerged that migration to the central Ivorian cotton basin is motivated by cotton cultivation. Indeed, 98% of migrants are Senufo cotton producers. The Poro region, with 83% of departures, is the main area of departure for migrants. The large influx of migrants into the villages of the study area has disrupted the modes of access to land. The current strategies for accessing land are renting (70.90%) and sharecropping (8.08%). These land transfers now give land a commercial character. Despite the cases of land conflicts recorded, the integration of cotton migrants is a success because the natives earn income through land rental.

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Simplice Yao KOFFI

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