Legal Empowerment of the Poor through Property Rights Reform: Tensions and Trade-offs of Land Registration and Titling in Sub-Saharan Africa | Land Portal

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January 2019
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In many rural areas across sub-Saharan Africa lack of tenure security for women has been exacerbated by rising commercial pressure on land;further aggravated by climate change;urbanisation and population growth. As a result;rural livelihoods are being undermined;with potentially dire consequences for communitieseconomic development and food security. Since 2016 IIED has been working with partners in Ghana;Senegal and Tanzania to engage with rural communities. While the initiatives have been tailored to the local context;all three share a common vision – that of strengthening rural women’s voices in issues of local land governance. This report presents in clear and concise detail the approach used in each case;as well as the key outcomes and lessons learned. From this;recommendations for replication and upscaling are made;providing a much-needed pathway for improving rural women’s access to land;as well as the control they exert over their livelihood options.

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Catherine Boone;The Journal of Development Studies;55:3;384-400

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