Rethinking democratisation and political economy of land Governance in sierra leone | Land Portal
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December 2023
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Sierra Leone is endowed with abundant of natural resource wealth including Diamond, Gold, and Rutile, Iron Ore, large marine resources and stretches of arable land. Despite abundant the country still faced loaming social, economic and environmental challenges that negatively impact lives of ordinary citizens. In many Africa states; competition for the control over natural resources wealth has led to cycle of armed conflict, suppression of political dissidents and the violation of human rights. In recent years focus been made to promote greater transparency in the management of natural resource wealth. Bad governance and patrimonial politic have long time dominated our political history. Sierra Leone has been a country where citizen’s need and expectation are mostly addressed through patron- client network. Our colonial rulers faced dilemma of ruling groups and weak financial base. Post-colonial rulers had to co-opt societal force in order to survive. They amplified patron-clientele relationships to stay in power. Friends and client are placed in strategic positions of power and control, whilst enemies are excluded from these positions.

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Charles Turay

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