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January 2020
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Women’s land and property rights are increasingly understood as an important driver of economic
growth and social development, as well as being critical to human rights for women. Growing evidence
confirms that women’s land and property rights lead to important social and economic outcomes for
women and their families.Yet around the world, women remain significantly disadvantaged
with regard to their land rights. Even when they are recognized as the primary users or workers on the land, they often lack ownership or control of the land or its economic outputs. This review of the available evidence on women’s land and property rights is aimed at identifying opportunities and needs for additional research. It is based on a review of online literature and academic databases and discussions with global and national actors—practitioners, researchers, and activists.We propose a way forward for research that will inform
practice and ultimately close the gender gap and improve economic and social outcomes for men and women around the world”.

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Scalise and Giovarelli


Launched in 2018, the Research Consortium, by Resource Equity, is a powerful hub for the collection, sharing, and exchange of knowledge on how to effectively advance women’s land rights. We identify gaps in knowledge and help develop a common agenda for research so that learnings can more easily be compared, shared, and applied.


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