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From China to America, via Palestine, Africa and Europe, Études rurales explores the main aspects of the rural world through studies on territories, activities, lifestyles, political organisations, representations, beliefs, heritages and perspectives. With contributions from writers of all disciplines, the journal examines the world though academic enquiry as well as history, philosophy and anthropology. The journal is part of a collective effort to find new representations of rural life.

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Factors and actors driving the reform agenda

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July, 2017
Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia

This paper examines the roles of the state, international organisations and the public in pastoral land reform in the Central Asian republics and Mongolia. In recent years new legislation has been passed in most of these countries, often driven by environmental concerns. In the development of these laws, international organisations tend to promote common property regimes, whilst governments usually emphasise individual security of tenure, each using environmental arguments taken from quite different bodies of theory.

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