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Mision / Vision
The Center for Development Studies (CENDES) is an experimental interdisciplinary institute under the umbrella of the Academic Vice-rectorate of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). Since its creation in 1961, its main activities have been research, postgraduate teaching and the dissemination and extension of development sciences and planning techniques.

The Center holds a prominent position in Venezuela and Latin America, due to its pioneering and innovative work and its contribution to the academic excellence of its postgraduate programs.
Right from the outset CENDES has liaised with institutions at home and abroad. These links have spawned agreements, joint projects and a diversity of tasks with outside institutions. Researchers at CENDES also participate in numerous networks connected with their research areas.


The institution is constantly increasing and diversifying its fields of research and the variety of its courses. The inclusion of wide-ranging topics in development studies plays a major role in the institution's continuity and is the driving force behind its day-to-day activities.


Main activities
Research and Postgraduate Programs oriented to Development Studies in Venezuela and Latin America.

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Seminario Regional sobre Metropolización y Medio Ambiente

Conference Papers & Reports
September, 1981

El estudio analiza acciones tendientes a solucionar los problemas que inciden sobre la dinamica de Caracas, evaluando alternativas que van desde la no desconcentracion hasta el traslado de la capital a una nueva ciudad.

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