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Community Organizations Collectif des Femmes du Mali
Collectif des Femmes du Mali
Collectif des Femmes du Mali
Non Governmental organization
Phone number
(00 223) 23 13 09


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Collectif des Femmes du Mali is one of the oldest non-governmental organization in Mali. Since its creation in 1991, this organization set a goal to fight for the empowerment of women of the country.   

At the beginning, the women who created this group had for goals to raise awareness among women about the necessity to empower and organize themselves; and make women understand that they can influence, and change their life condition.

In order to better diffuse these ideas among poor people, women of COFEM decided to spread their activities. Now, COFEM also works as intermediates between women's organization and donors. In the political field, COFEM runs training sessions for women. The goal of these training sessions is firstly to develop civic awareness and to also directly support women who wish to engage with a political party. COFEM also proposes gardening, tailoring, and bead training to women. They offer literacy classes, which help women to take better care of and develop their small business in order to diversify their activities.