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Founded in 1993, Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC) has been at the forefront of land and agrarian rights campaign in Nepal. CSRC educates and organizes people who are deprived of their basic rights to land and empowers them to lead free, secure and dignified lives. Our programmes have focused on strengthening community organizations, developing human rights defenders, improving livelihoods and promoting land and agrarian reform on behalf of the land-poor farmers. Since its establishment, CSRC has constantly worked to transform discriminatory and unjust social relations by organizing landless, land poor and marginalized communities to claim and exercise their rights.

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Land Tenure and Agrarian Reforms in Nepal: A Study Report
Reports & Research
January, 2011

The question of land and agrarian reform has become the most pertinent post-conflict agenda at this historical juncture while the country is undergoing a restructuring process. State restructuring is about the restructuring of the economic and political power. In Nepal, the land ownership pattern still determines the economic prosperity, social status and the political power of any individual or family. Therefore, the question of land and agrarian reform has been so critical issue at this point of time.

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