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The Danish Institute for Human Rights is an independent state-funded institution. Our mandate is to promote and protect human rights and equal treatment in Denmark and abroad.

We are Denmark’s national human rights institution. We are also a national equality body in relation to race and ethnicity and gender. Furthermore, we have a special role in the disability area where we promote and monitor the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Our international work

Internationally, we work with National Human Rights institutions, state institutions with a cross-cutting human rights mandate and justice system actors, enabling them to strengthen human rights.

We assist in building well-functioning legal systems abroad and to ensure the influence of civil society.

We aid private companies in assessing the impact of their work on human rights.

We support authorities in enhancing their knowledge and implementation of human rights: e.g. police, judges and ombudsmen.

The Danish Institute for Human Rights works in two ways internationally.


We spur change on the ground through local implementation of best practice on human rights and we develop best practices and tools to be internationally agenda setting through our work within the international human rights systems.

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Manuals & Guidelines
March, 2013

This Guide describes how human rights should be integrated into environmental, social and health impact assessments (ESHIAs). It provides an introduction to human rights and their relevance to the activities of the oil and gas industry, and briefly describes why it is important for the oil and gas industry to consider the impact that its projects and activities have on human rights.

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