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Village Focus International
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Despite our growth, we have remained true to our founding spirit: to emphasize and support local leadership, decision-making and ownership, in both Laos and Cambodia.





Justine Sylvester


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Analyzing the enabling environment for transforming forest landscape conflicts: the example of Lao PDR

Institutional & promotional materials
November, 2017

Forest landscape conflicts can be devastating on many levels – economic, environmental and social, from individual, to subnational, national and global levels. They are symptomatic of many issues revolving around weak governance. The problem is that seldom are they effectively addressed. The aim of the paper is to better understand how and why forest landscape conflicts are happening, who is addressing them, and what can be done to prevent conflict or improve conflict outcomes.

Rethinking the sustainability of the Mekong

Policy Papers & Briefs
December, 2014
South-Eastern Asia

The mekong is a major transboundary central to the lives of the people in the southeast asia,Since 2006 contested plans have emerged for up to eleven dams on the lower mainstream,with the first project-the Xayaboury dam-under contruction in the northerm laos since 2010 the paper explores how uncertainty shaps transboundary water governance such as the politics of scale and knowledge