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Community / Land projects / Land Governance in Cambodia

Land Governance in Cambodia


07/16 - 03/17


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The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) works to improve life for poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia. It is a membership organisation that builds NGO cooperation and capacity, supporting NGO networks and other civil society organizations to engage in policydialogue,debate and advocacy. With this project, NGOF is responsible to lead coordinating the consultation process for the draft AgricultureLand Law with a number of local and international NGOs and farmers in Cambodia. The goal of the project is to enhance meaningful participation of civil society organizations and farming communities with qualified inputs in constructive dialogue for the improvement of the draft Agriculture Land Law and especially to collect inputs from stakeholders for improving thedraft law. The project expected that a) practical consultation tools of Agriculture Land Law will be produced and oriented for three consecutively regional consultations. b) Legal analysis recommendation report will be consolidated as one for influence and dialogue with government. c) Participants will have opportunities to share comments, experiences and conditions of actual geographical regions in terms of legal aspects and socio-economic conditions reflecting the draft law; d) Participants will be able to gather good comments and ideas from stakeholders for inclusion as important substances in order for the drafting process to become even better and appropriate within the Cambodian context.

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