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The present Act lays down provisions relating to expropriation of land. Inter alia, land may be expropriated for (a) the construction, repair and maintenance of public buildings and other public works; (b) the construction, repair and maintenance of roads, airstrips, ferry landings and bridges; (c) the establishment or development of an industrial enterprise by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council; (d) the carrying on of an undertaking under the Department of Fisheries Act or for a purpose incidental or related to that Act or for the purpose of assisting or encouraging the establishment or development of a fishing enterprise. The Act consists of 58 sections of which the most important ones are: Power to expropriate (sect. 4); Expropriation on behalf of an authority (sect. 5); Ascertainment of land to be expropriated (sect. 6); Notice of expropriation (sect. 7);Owner to file claim (sect. 8); Publication of notice (sect. 9); Limited estate (sect. 10); Rights of mortgagee or lien holder (sect. 11); Error not to invalidate expropriation (sect. 12); Notice where compensation agreed upon (sect. 13); Vesting of title (sect. 14); Register of expropriation (sect. 15); Registration in registry of deeds (sect. 16); Compensation (sect. 17); Particular of claims (sect. 18); Board to fix compensation (sect. 19); Operation of board (sect. 20); Rules for assessing compensation (sect. 27); Leasehold land (sect. 29); Exchange of land (sect. 30); Return of land expropriation (sect. 31); Award of board to be written (sect. 32); Want of form (sect. 33); Board may award costs (sect. 34); Payment of compensation (sect. 35); Award of additional interest (sect. 36); Award of interest by Minister (sect. 37); Claims upon compensation (sect. 38); Payments into courts (sect. 39); Minister to notify claimants (sect. 40); Registrar to furnish names and address (sect. 41); Registrar to pay owner (sect. 42); Where claim is contested (sect. 43); Petition for payment out of court (sect. 44); Notice of application (sect. 45); Adverse claims (sect. 46); Security for costs (sect. 47); Costs (sect. 48); Adjudication (sect. 49); Compensation (sect. 50); Application of Judicature Act (sect. 51); Claims barred after 3 years (sect. 52); Compensation becomes property of minister (sect. 53); Guardian (sect. 54); Disposal of land (sect. 55); Entry upon land (sect. 57); Offence (sect. 58).

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