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IPPUC is born with the responsibility to develop, detail and monitor the implementation of the Curitiba Master Plan, which it has performed until today.

As established by the City Statute, the Master Plan Law needs to be revised every ten years. In Curitiba, this process took place in 2014, under the coordination and management of IPPUC, and had wide and effective popular participation. Among the adjustments are issues related to mobility such as the implementation of new structural axes, which cut the current axes and interconnect neighborhoods, being intended for high capacity vehicles; macrozoning, which sets maximum housing values ​​per hectare in certain areas; the instruments of induction and control of the physical ordering of the city and also issues related to climate change. Law 14,771 of the Master Plan was approved in December 2015.

IPPUC Mission Currently

Coordenate the process of urban planning and monitoring of the city, making compatible the municipality's actions with those of the metropolitan area, in pursuit of sustainable development through the formulation of plans and urban projects aligned to the master plan.


Be a reference in urban planning, innovative ideas and sustainable projects.


Commitment to improving the population's quality of life, creativity and boldness, appreciation of the human being, focus on sustainability, respect for public opinion, knowledge sharing and local practices.

Strategic objectives

  • Order the growth of the city with the proper distribution of urban activities;
  • Create integrated solutions, aiming at better social and economic conditions of the population;
  • Articulate the sectoral policies and guidelines that interfere with the urban structuring of the municipality and the Metropolitan Region;
  • Raise funds and attract investments to enable the implementation of plans, programs, projects and works of the Municipality.  


In addition to the basic Research and Planning function, IPPUC is responsible for:

  • Coordinate the actions of the Municipal Government Plan;
  • Coordinate the preparation and monitor the implementation of the Works Plan;
  • Produce, aggregate and analyze information related to social indicators;
  • Produce and coordinate the execution of architectural, visual communication and street furniture projects;
  • Coordinate the integration of local planning guidelines with metropolitan guidelines;
  • Disseminate the practices developed in Curitiba through participation in national and international events and technical cooperation with institutions from various countries.

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Library Resource

Proyecto Conjunto sobre Cooperación Técnica en Transporte Urbano entre Países Latinoamericanos

Reports & Research
July, 1984

Describe el desarrollo demografico y urbano y las caracteristicas socioeconomicas de Curitiba. Analiza la evolucion de la planificacion urbana y el conjunto de medidas desarrolladas en esta ciudad para mejorar el funcionamiento del sistema de transporte colectivo.

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