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Brazil has one of the most advanced legal frameworks in Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) related to the recognition of land and property rights.
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Land Area
835,814,000 ha
14,282.7 USD
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Struggle continues for landless Brazilians

4 May 2022

Though a moratorium on evictions has been extended in Brazil, families still face forced removals. Activists are fighting for the right to land amid increasing precarity.     The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court extended the moratorium on evictions on the day of its expiry to 30 June. This is the…

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COP26: Don’t Be Fooled by Bolsonaro’s Pledges

2 November 2021

(Sao Paulo) – Brazil’s climate commitments and policies fall far short of what is needed to address the environmental and human rights crisis in the Amazon rainforest. Brazil’s delegation arrives in Glasgow for the global summit on climate change with a national climate action plan that is less…

Brazil indigenous people tell COP26: you need us to solve climate crisis

1 November 2021

BRASILIA, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Brazil's indigenous people said on Monday they would tell a U.N. climate conference that the world needs their expertise in protecting the Amazon rainforest to solve the global warming crisis. The groups - who say they are facing increasing threats from loggers, miners…



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Transforming Our Cities by Addressing Gender Deficit in Land Titles in Brazil

1 April 2022

Can we transform our cities by addressing the gender insecurity and inadequacy women face? In the northeast state of Pernambuco in Brazil, Espaço Feminista reflects on lessons learned from fighting for women’s land rights by achieving land regularisation in informal settlements.   The Brazilian…

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Beef, Banks, and the Brazilian Amazon

Beef, Banks & the Brazilian Amazon

Online event · Feb 25 2022, 3pm CET  Using Geospatial Data to Investigate Deforestation Disruptive Fridays #29 With: Sam Leon (Head of Data Investigations, Global Witness, UK) and Louis Goddard (Senior Data Investigations Adviser, Global Witness, UK)Live at The…