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Peer-reviewed publication
March 2017

Land grabbing represents a fundamental problem in the transitional and post-transitional economies. The transfer of land property rights impose a dramatically change of agricultural production structure, including affecting the food safety and security.

Land administration in Bangladesh: Problems and analytical approach to solution
Peer-reviewed publication
March 2017

Rapid population growth combined with fast rate of land transfer and land conversion urges for an effective land administration and management in Bangladesh. But the land administration system in Bangladesh is corrupt, inefficient, and unreliable and inherently contains systematic weaknesses. It proliferates and perpetuates the endemic nature of land disputes.

Reports & Research
December 2016

Dealing with private property for public purposes : an interdisciplinary study of land transactions from a micro-scale perspective

Reports & Research
November 2016

A surge in land grabbing over the past decade has seen millions of people displaced from their homes and farmland, often violently, and pushed deeper into poverty. As demand for food, fuel and commodities increases pressure on land, companies are all too often striking deals with corrupt state officials without the consent of the people who live on it.

Journal Articles & Books
September 2016
Burkina Faso

A project in Burkina Faso has given a clear demonstration of what supporting family farms can achieve in terms of poverty alleviation and rural development. One important success factor was the transfer of land to farmers, accompanied by a secure land-tenure policy adapted to their needs.

July 2016

Rwanda's completion, in 2012/13, of
a land tenure regularization program covering the entire
country allows the use of administrative data to describe
initial performance and combine the data with household
surveys to quantify to what extent and why subsequent

Reports & Research
March 2016

Capacity of local land administration has to be addressed for further strengthening the governance system with a view to deriving the benefits of socio-economic, political and cultural development for the common people of this country. It is true that in Bangladesh, voice in favour of effective land administration and management is becoming louder at the national level.

Legislation & Policies
February 2016
South Africa

The Committee welcomed the Quarterly Reports as they showed the progress that had been made in dealing with claims. However discomfort was expressed at the pace of restitution. The Committee was very interested in the research aspect of the Commission’s brief.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2015

The fragmentation of landholdings is considered as disturbing factor for agriculture. The aim of this article is to evaluate the extent of land fragmentation of the large landholdings in Estonia. The Januszewski and Schmook indexes were calculated for that purpose.

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