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Map of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is home to the largest river delta in the world and known to be one of the most populated countries in the world. The pressure over land is high, also because Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world and highly vulnerable to climate change-related events. A preliminary report on the 2019 Agricultural Census suggests that one quarter of rural households are landless.
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Land Area
13,017,000 ha
5,911 USD

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Land rights in Bangladesh

A collaborative collective action underway to highlight the land rights of the rural poor in the climate change agenda

27 June 2023

The rural poor who have weak or no land tenure rights are among the most vulnerable to the direct effects of climate change, both because insecure land tenure reduces the incentives and capacities to take good care of the land to mitigate /adapt to the effects of climate change, and because without…

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Climate change making Bangladesh's floods worse

23 June 2023

Excessive and erratic rainfall has caused devastating flooding, hitting parts of Bangladesh hard. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said there will be no quick respite for the country.

Bangladesh Forest Conservation Bill of 2023

11 May 2023

Bangladesh, with its new Forest Conservation Bill of 2023, is on the brink of a momentous shift in its forest management practices, with two new laws set to revolutionize the sector. These laws, which will replace the colonial-era Forest Act of 1927, have been hailed as a “paradigm shift” and will…



Despite the equitable share in agricultural labour, agricultural land ownership is rare for women, and even then there are many cases of land grabs from women by men.

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Webinar recap : Securing tenure - Enhancing Disaster Management and Adaptation

5 December 2023

Climate-change induced disasters and communities’ responses to protect themselves and design solutions have become a top priority on the climate agenda. At the center of mitigation and adaptation discussions have been urban populations, particularly in informal settlements. At the same time, the…

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Women’s struggle for land in South Asia

Women’s struggle for land in South Asia: Can legal reforms trump social norms?

A century has passed since women in Undivided India, now divided into several countries of South Asia, demanded equal rights in property — especially land, the most important means of production in developing economies. The struggle continued after Independence. Today, the resultant legal reforms…